Alan Cheuse International Writers Center
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Hub for International Cultural Discussion

International flag
The Washington, DC area is known for its internationalism. Besides housing over 150 embassies, Washington, DC is home to dozens of premier universities, think tanks, museums, news outlets, and non-governmental organizations whose focus lies in international and cultural affairs. Additionally, George Mason University is full of thinkers, scholars, artists, and centers with global or artistic missions. The third function of The Alan Cheuse International Writers Center is to merge the resources on George Mason’s campus with the resources in the DC-area to become a dynamic hub of international and cultural conversation, to add the component of culture and writing into the policy discussions that drive this city.
Natural springboards for such discussions are the international writers in residence at The Cheuse Center. We sponsor events that correspond with issues in these writers’ countries—whether political, economic, religious or cultural. The goal of these events is to partner the writers’ knowledge of their home countries with the knowledge of the hundreds of renowned thinkers, scholars and artists from within the Washington, DC community.
Merging what is on campus at George Mason with the larger Washington, DC international and cultural communities situates The Cheuse Center in the middle of a dynamic and holistic international cultural conversation.
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