Kochland: A Conversation

Kochland: A Conversation
Christopher Leonard, reporter and author of "Kochland"

"Christopher Leonard’s Kochland uses the extraordinary account of how one of the biggest private companies in the world grew to be that big to tell the story of modern corporate America."

On October 30th, George Mason University professor and Pulitzer-Prize winner Steve Pearlstein and award-wining journalist Christopher Leonard will discuss Leonard's new book, Kochland, an impressive piece of investigative reporting and narrative writing that investigates how the Koch family and corporation became one of the most influential in our country.

Listed as a "Top 10 New Books We Recommend" by The New York Times, Kochland is "a corporate history, lucidly told, about the enormous energy conglomerate that has inserted itself into nearly every aspect of daily life, raking in billions along the way." Through years of research and investigations into the Koch Industries, Leonard tells a clear and fascinating story of how everything from corporations and politics to universities were influenced by one family.

Join us Tuesday, October 30th at 4:30 p.m. at the Mason Club for a fascinating discussion of the intersection of politics and journalism. The Mason Club is located in the Pilot House of the Hampton Roads housing complex on the side farthest from the Rappahannock Parking Deck. Walk down Patriot Circle until you see a sign for The Pilot House.. Walk up the stairs on your right and The Mason Club will be to the right!

For more information about Leonard's new book, visit his website: http://www.christopherleonard.biz/.