Alan Cheuse International Writers Center
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Writing and Researching Abroad

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The simple question of what to write about is a formidable problem for any writer, but especially young writers who are beginning their careers. Sending George Mason’s graduate creative writing students abroad during one summer of their graduate studies not only exposes them to another country and culture but allows them to identify subjects about which they are passionate.
Students travel to a country of their choosing for a period between three weeks and two months. This travel either enhances a student’s ongoing project or serves as a first introduction to a new region of the world. Students then produce a work of art or scholarship based around their trip—a short story, an essay, a poem, a piece of journalism.
As education and literature becomes increasingly globalized and multi-cultural, The Alan Cheuse International Writers Center provides MFA students opportunities at the cutting edge of creative writing programs across the country.
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