Alan Cheuse International Writers Center
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

About the Center

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Named in honor of the late American writer and cultural commentator who taught at George Mason University for almost 30 years, The Alan Cheuse International Writers Center at George Mason University celebrates the art of creative writing as a means of international dialogue, education, and understanding. Using the methods of cultural exchange and diplomacy, the Cheuse Center is a dynamic institution enriching George Mason’s creative writing students and faculty, the broader George Mason community, the Washington, D.C. area, and creative writers and writing organizations around the world.
More than ever, the world and its people are intertwined. New forms of media and technology have allowed everyday citizens to connect with and learn about others around the world in unprecedented ways. With this connectivity comes the paramount importance of better understanding and empathizing with the stories, desires, and challenges of the world’s diverse communities.
At its core, The Alan Cheuse International Writers Center is a center that facilitates the exchange of international creative writers and writing in order to help foster the tolerance and understanding a more connected world requires. The Cheuse Center seeks to be a beacon that celebrates, reflects, and explores this deeper understanding by supporting American and international writers who tell the stories of their diverse communities through their works of poetry and prose.
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